... When they step out, we step in!
Business Cover
At Calibre we offer 3 unique services to help support your dealership business needs. Click on the links below to find out more about each service and book yours today.
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This is the original core of our business providing Interim Business Managers to dealerships across the country. 

50% of our business is to cover holiday periods whilst the remainder is a mixture of cover for when dealers are recruiting, sickness, training or additional help during VIP events and registration months.

Whether your requirement is for a week or a month, we will send you an industry professional to manage your F&I department, covering any eventuality and allowing you to focus on selling the units.

Most importanly we will keep you compliant during absences.

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It gives us great pleasure to announce our brand new and very exciting service called 'INTERIM SERVICE ADVISOR'.

The idea is that when your own service advisors go on holiday, ours can step in to cover until they return, meaning your customers continue to receive high levels of service even when your own staff are absent.  

We are hugely excited about this new service and early customer feedback suggests this is a welcome and much needed facility.  
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We are delighted to launch a new service called 'INTERIM SUPER HOST'.

Imagine a showroom host, who is polished, professional, beautifully uniformed but also industry trained to be able to take a customer as far as early qualification.  

Everything a host should be but with the Calibre treatment to create the 'Super' part.

Our Super Host steps in when your own staff are away ensuring you maintain a luxury experience in your business all year round.

They are especially valuable when extra hands are needed for VIP events, pop up shops and special events as well as weekends.

So instead of phoning the local temp agency which is what many customers do, give us a try and we will send more than just a 'temp' to cover your business.